Sportsbook Platform

A full & customizable Sportsbook for your Players

At Game Interaction Group we believe that offering an innovative player experience to your customers, is crucial to add value to your business. This is the reason why SmartBet enables your customers to fully customise their betting account, modifying a wide range of settings in order to create their ideal betting platform. Thanks to a range of customised and configurable modules, you will be able to supply your players with match information and statistics , while carrying out cross-selling operations thanks to the presence of modules recalling third party products.

EarlyCashout, a flexible feature

Like everything else in our Platform, you will be able to create infinite Cashout Templates

Book-a-Bet, let players share their bets

A must-have feature not only for the retail segment.

An incredible offer with more than 1.000 outcomes per match

Provide your players with a no-limit pre-match odds service


More than 25.000 live matches every month.

SmartBet includes a powerful InPlay application, enabling players to place bets on live matches. Players can choose their own display settings: Overview, Multi-View, View List Or Match View and they can also create their favourite markets list, which will be available for each single live match.


Let your Players get into the action by following up to 6 matches simoultaneously. Each Match contains match-tracker and the full market offer.


The ideal layout for Players used to play multiple bets on in-play events. All the available matches can be filtered by Sport and by match name. Main markets to show can be customized.


This is the ideal layout for those players aiming to stay focused on one single match. Match Tracker, Favorite Odds Management , Market Groups

Let's Have a Look

SmartBet Main Features


Frontend Features

  • Early Cashout
  • Book-a-Bet
  • Bet Editing
  • Customizable Accumulator Bonus
  • Time Range Filters
  • Dynamic Layout
  • Multiple Odds Formats
  • 5 LiveBetting Layouts

BackOffice Features

  • Hierarchical risk templates
  • Advanced Authorization System
  • Real-time Risk Monitoring
  • BetConsole
  • Accumulator Bonus Templates
  • Resulting and Reporting
  • Real-time Alerts

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