Brands & Players Mng.

A Robust Account Management System developed according to Italian, Colombian and Maltese regulations.

Risk Management

Get the highest level of flexibility. You can setup limits on each product or family of products

Customizable Reports

Having a real time and accurate picture of your business is absolutely a keypoint for a successful story!


Your Single Point of Access to your Business' Success

SmartAccount is the Account Management System provided by Game Interaction Group, that has been developed according to Italian, Colombian and Maltese regulations. SmartAccount enables your company to easily manage and profile your customers: you will automatically be able to classify customers into groups by filtering certain criteria such as similar behaviour and characteristics, and offer them a tailored service.

  • Multi-Brand Management
  • Multi-Currency
  • Multi-Language
  • Employees Level of Access
  • Mobile Friendly
  • System Alerts
Let's have a look

Main Features

White Label Management

Create and manager white lables in few clicks, assigning different privileges, products and layouts.

Players Segmentation

Classify customers into groups by filtering similar behaviour, characteristics, performances.

Bonus Campaign System

Reward your customers! Create as many bonus campaigns as you need, choosing a wide range of criteria.

Documents Management

Keep track of your customers’ documents and use the automatic verification system. No papers around anymore!

Customisable Roles

Each company is a world apart, that’s why SmartAccount allows to create unlimited and customizable administrative roles

Advanced Reporting System

Create Your own reports in litterally one click with our dynamic & real-time reporting system.

Multi Currencies & Languages

No matter how many languages and currencies you need! SmartAccount allows to easily build your own configuration!

Accounting & Reconciliation System

Use our reconciliation features to match your bank transactions with your backoffice transactions.

Live Chat & Real-time Ticketing

Get in touch with your customers, in a fast and accurate way! Keep track of your Customer Service performances as well.

Few more tecnical details


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