the new virtual frontier

We are completing the offer to customers offering virtual sport events and number games on online, in-venue, mobile, TV and terminals. We create all software, systems and artistic material constantly developing our solutions as the market evolve.

  • Single or multi point of sale
  • Tailored for Land Based Bookmakers
  • Optimized for Online Bookmakers
  • Served off line/on streaming/mobile
  • Supported and licensed to authorised operators in compliance of the respective Gaming Commissions

3D Virtual sports betting solutions for bookmakers and casino operators on land based HDTV, gaming machines, internet streaming and mobiles.



Add VirtusSports virtual Football to your portfolio and see your profits increase. Your customers can enjoy the super realistic 3D action 24/7, 365 days a year, in the comfort of your shop.Unpredictible outcome and astonishing effects combine to make the ultimate virtual footbal experience.


 All of the betting action from one of the most popular sports amongst bettors. Virtual horse racing enhances your markets by providing 24/7, 365 day racing, regardless of the real calendar. Night and day races on the virtual horse racecourse. 8 to 12 runners compete in a full featured horse racing spectacle.


Greyhound racing has always been a very popular and highly lucrative betting market. Now you can offer VirtusSports Virtual Greyhounds to your customers; 6 or 8 runners compete in the most accurate and detailed virtual greyhound racing. Realistic animations, conditions and environments will engage audiences.